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Grouper (Formerly Element 3 Health) 2024 Program Launch

Ken Wong | Published on 6/14/2024

We are formally launching our Grouper (formerly called Element3 Health) program for 2024.  For those who are already enrolled – thank you!  For those who are new to the club, our initial year was in 2023, so a few introductory comments are in order.  During the pandemic, health plans realized that staying social and having fun is actually good for you! Grouper is an independent company that works with UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company to incentivize their members to stay physically, socially and mentally active in clubs like ours.


Through our partnership with Grouper, any SBHC member who is a member of UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage or Supplement Plans and successfully enrolls will get their SBHC dues reimbursed AND help the club earn money. There is no cost at all to you - in fact, once you enroll, the only thing you have to do is reply to a monthly email confirming that you are still active with the club. That’s it!  No logging of specific activities as was required last year. 


Your dues reimbursement will be mailed directly to your residence.  Such a deal!  In addition to direct member dues reimbursements, the club receives an annual participation payment in two installments.  These payments will help us partially offset major expenses such as our twice-a-year picnics.


You have probably seen the email from Barb Rutt, our Grouper Coordinator, that rolled out the 2024 Grouper program. It explained the dues reimbursement and provided directions on how to enroll. Currently only UnitedHealthcare participates in this program with Grouper.


If you have questions about the program, you can reach out to Barb Rutt at:


or call Grouper at 833-906-1700.  The SBHC website home page now has a Grouper menu item. Clicking provides you access to the Grouper flyer which contains the link required to enroll. 


Additionally, Grouper-related documents are now posted to the Documents Library in a Grouper folder for your convenience.


We hope you choose to participate in this worthwhile program that benefits both you and our club. Thanks for your consideration!